FORD can not handle all conceivable Fortran codes as of yet. Limitations include:

  • Some FORTRAN77 syntax. DATA and EQUIVALENCE statements are ignored.

  • Calls to type-bound procedures are not recognized in call-graphs.

  • Implicit typing. FORD does not understand implicit typing, except for argument names. In that case, it can not handle non-default implicit typing. While this shouldn’t be too hard to implement, it is low priority since I don’t really want to be support bad coding style.

  • Files which would be compiled after having been preprocesses will be run through gfortran’s preprocessor (or another ones, if specified) prior to extracting the documentation. While this means that the final API will be reflected in the documentation, it may be less useful for developers who might like to know what particular macros are for.

Over time, some of all of these issues may be fixed.